Water Activities

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling


turtleTobago is prized fishinseawith having some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean. It is a destination for both advanced and amateur divers.

Diving can be enjoyed in virtually any area of the island. Tobago has a relatively untouched underworld; its waters teems with marine life – manta rays, stingrays, angelfish, sharks, barracuda, turtles, triggerfish, and hundreds more. The waters abound with nutrients, an underwater world of thriving barrel sponges, sea fans and some of the largest brain coral. Wrecks are another attraction on the island.

Drift diving is popular in Tobago, and several sites are well known for the intense currents which allow this challenging type of dive.

The seas are at their roughest from December to April and the temperature is highest from July to September – reaching around 80°F. Manta rays are best seen in the winter months when the waters are cooler.


Other activities

Tobago offers a huge selection of water activities at different points on the island.

For the surfers, Mount Irvine Beach is the place to be. The waves coming in have a great curve and they are regular and of different sizes permitting all levels to partake in the fun.

Fsurferor those wanting twindsurfo learn how to surf, feel free to get in touch with Jason Apparicio (tel: +1 (868) 367 1744   email: appas_j@hotmail.com)

Pigeon Point offers a wide variety of activities such as kayaking, a small trip in a Glass Bottom Boat out to Buccoo Reef to partake in exquisite snorkeling activities, wind and kite surfing on the point, as well as casual swimming.
Note: entrance to Pigeon Point’s facilities costs TTD 20 (approx. USD 3.14) per person.

Boating around the island is a common attraction. Many offer day trips which tour around the different beaches getting to the best places for snorkeling and provide lunch which can include the day’s catch of fresh fish cooked on a BBQ. A few of our favourites include Frankie’s Tours (a powerboat) and Island Girl (a catamaran).

Frankie’s Tours offers a range of fishing trips (deep sea fishing, shark fishing, bottom/wreck fishing and fly fishing) and a discount of 10% is available to all Villa Petrus residents.
Others offering the thrill of big game fishing with exciting charters include Dillons and Dreamcatcher.