Have you ever wondered why Tobago came to be called Robinson Crusoe’s Island? A visit is all you need to answer that question.

Tobago’s natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere and easy-going people make it the perfect place for a holiday. The Island is tiny (approx 30 miles by 10 miles), but offers a diverse palette – lush rainforested mountains, winding country roads, sleepy villages, pristine white sandy beaches, some of the world’s most spectacular undersea life, exotic flora and fauna and a particularly stunning array of birds

Myth has it that Robinson Crusoe arrived at Englishman’s Bay, on the North Coast of Tobago, when he was stranded out at sea.
This particular beach has in fact been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world. It is a secluded beach which though considered one of the mostbeautiful, does not attract too many people.

The beach itself is a classic crescent shape, capped by two heavily forested headlands descending from Tobago’s Main Ridge. The sand starts immediately after the forest ends. The water, an emerald green colour, is calm all year round and boasts magnificent swimming and snorkeling.
There is also a small restaurant on the beach for those wanting to spend the day in Robinson Crusoe’s paradise.