Weddings & Other Events

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Over the last 21 years Villa Petrus has been the venue of choice for numerous weddings and special birthday celebrations. With its beautiful views and gardens, pool terrace and massive wrap around verandahs, the Villa offers a unique venue in Tobago for such special events.

It has a very large table on the verandah which is perfect not only for these special occasions but also for corporate events such as an annual strategy day.


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(i) Availability
Event bookings such as for Weddings and Birthdays are only available to guests who book a minimum of two night’s accommodation for the entire Villa.

(ii) Number of Guests
No more than 75 unless otherwise agreed in writing by our Manager.

(iii) Event fees

Weddings and Birthdays:
US$1,500 (TT$10,000) up to 75 guests.

Corporate Strategy Day:
US$600 (TT$4,100) if vacated before 5pm and US$1,500 (TT$10,000) if for both day and night use.

(iv) Good Behaviour Bond
A Good Behaviour Bond (“GBB”) of US$1,500 (TT$10,000) covering both the Villa Rental and the Event is required before check-in. It is fully refundable within 5 business days if there is no damage, theft or other deductions for items such as those listed in paragraph 5 of our Rental Agreement following an inspection by our Manager.


(v) Payment terms
50 percent is payable on acceptance of the booking with the balance payable one month prior to arrival.

(vi) Parking
No more than 3 cars or trucks of residents or guests to be parked in the Villa grounds at the same time. Additional vehicles may enter sequentially for unloading and loading – not more than two such vehicles at the same time. Breach of this condition will incur a financial penalty as specified in paragraph 5.7 of the Villa Petrus Rental Agreement.

(vii) Music and Noise
Guests should use their own sound system or hire a band at their own expense. No loud music or other loud noise is permitted after 11 pm (this is the legal limit in Tobago). Please refer to paragraphs 5 and 20 of the Villa Petrus Rental Agreement in respect of Music and Loud Noise and the breach of contract penalties that will be applied.

(viii) Finishing time
The Event can continue untl 12 midnight. Non-resident guests should depart the premises by that time.

(ix) Food
We strongly recommend the use of a catering firm with waiters for serving food. Our Manager can help to organize this but the costs will be paid in full by guests.

(x) Special conditions

•No furniture of any type inside or outside the Villa and Cottage is to be moved other than with the approval and supervision of our Manager. This will be strictly monitored. Some furniture such as the verandah plantation chairs can be moved but permission must be obtained before doing so.

•Only the external verandah toilet and the Entrance Foyer toilet may be used by non-resident guests. Bedroom toilets are for use of resident guests only.

•Stiletto heels are NOT permitted inside the Villa.

•No modifications to the Villa are allowed other than the placement of floral and other similar decorations.

•The use of adhesive tape or other similar materials to fix signs or decorations to the floors(including the verandah), railings and walls and the pool paving is strictly forbidden.

You can download and sign our Event Agreement here