Cleaning Protocols and Products

COVID 19 Protocols and Sanitation Products

We are taking extra precautions to keep you safe.

One Clear Day Between Bookings

To minimize the risk of infection our policy during this pandemic until further notice is to have one clear day between each booking during which the Villa and facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

We Need Your Help

Please help us to keep you safe by sanitizing your hands with the rubbing alcohol placed in bottles at the entrance and washing your hands regularly.

Our Cleaning Procedures

Along with our regular cleaning procedures we are paying extra attention to areas where people are most in contact with surface areas. Air cleansing procedures are also undertaken.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Clean linens and towels are provided as is customary and are washed using hot water at 125F (51.7C). Additionally, both bedrooms and bathrooms are now sprayed with Lysol disinfectant spray. All air-conditioning units are serviced 2 to 3 times per year.


All utensils, plates, cutlery and glasses are thoroughly checked and cleaned after guests depart and again as needed before guests arrive.

Villa Generally

The Villa is dusted from top to bottom, swept and mopped with disinfectant. The entire Villa is sprayed with Lysol disinfectant spray.
All chairs and cushions are dusted and sprayed with Lysol disinfectant spray.
Shelves are dusted and wiped with an alcohol based solution.
Door handles, light switches, kitchen counters and bathroom counters are cleaned with an alcohol based solution.

Cleaning and Sanitation Products Used

Bleach; Disinfectant; Lysol disinfectant spray; Rubbing alcohol.


The 22 metre pool has two sand filters and two salt electrolysis units. It is sanitised with salt (electrolysis creates chlorine from the Sodium Chloride (NaCl) molecule) and the acidity is balanced with additions of acid as needed. During this pandemic period we are giving the sanitation process an extra boost with the addition of chlorine granules. The pool is vacuum cleaned and the filters are backwashed both once per week. Pool towels are thoroughly washed as needed by our Housekeeper.